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'Barrilito Scissors' - The Story of a Mexican Scissors

Over the course of history, two blades of equal length and joined together gave birth to the
scissors; a tool that made its appearance in order to satisfy the practical needs for man.  And,
as artisans began to emerge within different cultures, scissors began to take specialized forms;
suited for different jobs.

   The first craftsmen to benefit from these tools were seamstresses, tailors, hide tanners and
barbers.  In the case of Tijeras Barrilito, our journey began in the German city of Solingen -
small in size, yet significant in history - and in its participation in the development of Germany. 
As early as the Middle Ages, Solingen specialized in the manufacture of numerous punching
and cutting tools.  Crafted in small workshops along the river - at the heart of which was the
forge - a variety of tools, scissors included, were forged in blazing fire, by hand and with hammer
pounding.  Over time, the city became known as the 'City of Blades,' renowned for the
manufacture of fine swords, knives, scissors and razors; famous for the quality of its metal
products and workshops... among them, Barrilito, made famous in Europe by Daniel Peres,
the original founder of Barrilito. 

    Upon the death of Mr. Peres, the company was purchased by Mr. Reimsheid, a man with a
keen desire to increase the market beyond Europe, and particularly into the burgeoning
Mexico market.  The problems of distance, complicated paperwork, customs and an incipient
market would not prevent this man from capitalizing on the opportunities in Mexico and thus,
in the 1960s, Mr. Reimsheid entered in to partnership with Mr. Ramiro Gomez, a metallurgy
industry manufacturer.

    However, even backed by the historic 'Solingen' name and supported by a strong German
tradition in quality scissor manufacturing encompassing 200 years, scissors manufacturing
would pose a significant challenge for Mexico, as the country had no experience in this branch
of manufacturing.  Nonetheless, under the management of a German technician and the
leadership of Mr. Gomez, and utilizing both German and Mexican machinery, the
'Tijeras Barrilito' manufacturing plant was officially established at Chalco (close to Mexico City)
in the foothills of the Popocatepetl Mountains in 1966.  Growth at Barrilito was rapid, as
Mexican artisans surprised everyone with their fast learning and craftsmanship.  Consistently
at the leading edge of technology and machinery, Barrilito soon dominated the Mexican
scissors market.  Traveling to Germany frequently, Mr. Ramiro Gomez would continue to
promote both the quality of the firm's scissors and their workers, and soon 'Barrilito Mexico'
would begin its own adventure, having become 100% Mexican-owned within five years. 

    By the 1980s, the firm's sales market would expand into Central and South America,in
addition to Australia and - the always difficult market of North America.

    Recognizing the emergence of China as a dominant manufacturing base, in late 1990,
'Tijeras Barrilito' - under the leadership of Mr. Gomez' son, Ramiro Gomez Jr. -  established
a sound and strong alliance with Chinese partners, Mr. Benedict Lau and Mr. Jason Xie to
 form 'Barrilito China.'

    As one of the first Mexican industries in its field to align with China, together with over 240
years of combined quality design, manufacturing and distribution in Germany and Mexico,
 with Barrilito Scissors: